That’s what my legs feel like tonight–jello!

I have only run about 6 miles this week, but I’ve done Insanity twice–and that’s the kicker!! I was contemplating a July 4 15k, but since I just got done training for a 10k and half training will begin in August, I decided to take a break from training.

The next few months I want to get in a lot of cross training, as well as some miles.

I ran 1-2 miles Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Getting a mile in was a logistical challenge today, so I counted Insanity towards my run streak. Staying in touch with my right hip too, which gives me trouble. No run streak is worth injury!


Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding, which will mean yummy food. And I will feel much better if I burn some calories first! I’m hoping my legs will hold up for an slow easy run in the morning.

I’m contemplating trying to do the complete Insanity workout schedule with some 2-3 mile runs thrown in also. There’s just nothing like running, even if I’m doing another workout.

I’m turning 35 in a few weeks. No time like the present to reach my goals!

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