New distance record: 17 miles

I have been looking forward to Black Friday for weeks now.

But I didn’t spend a dollar.

My 16-miler was three weeks ago and my longest run since then was just 7 miles.  And that 16-miler was rough because of the uphill route.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to run long the past two weekends but I’ve had today marked on the calendar for a long run and nothing was going to stop me.  It couldn’t be more perfect, a holiday, my husband home, making up for the gluttony of Thanksgiving and leftovers.

Black Friday was long run day for me today.

I set out, not knowing how long I would run.  I knew I could do at least 14, but I didn’t want to commit to anything further in case my body wasn’t up to it.  I ran 3 easy miles on Monday and 4 on Tuesday.  I mapped out an 11 mile route and then would run some miles with my sister who was going to meet up with me (yay for a running partner!)

This run felt great! By the time I got started, I knew I’d be cutting it close to make it back to meet my sister at our appointed time, so I pushed my pace a bit.  Miles 1-9 were mostly 10:30-10:45. My pace for most long runs has been more like 11.  My new shoes felt pretty good and my hip didn’t bother me much until the very end.

In an effort to not be too late to meet my sister, I picked up the pace from miles 9-11, down to the mid 9:00’s.  Her pace is in the 11:00’s usually and I was totally cool with slowing down for our miles together.  That was part of why I felt okay pushing the pace on the front half.

At the 14 mile mark, my sister was planning to head to her car, which was 3 miles for her.  She always runs 3 miles, so I told her she was going to run 4 today!  We ran to my 15 mile point and she turned around to walk/jog back to her car (she actually completed almost 6 miles running and walking today, a big deal for her!)  I headed on a bit, deciding how much further I was going to go.  I realized if I ran just half a mile more and turned around, I’d hit 17 miles–one mile further than my longest distance.  So I did it.

The last mile or so, my body was hurting something fierce.  Not having the distraction of my sister made me aware of my aching hip and my sore feet.  My goal was to complete the last mile under 11:00 and I had to push it, but I came in just under 11.

My overall time was 3:05 for 17 miles which was my same time for my 16-miler.  Overall pace was 10:53.

This run again, boosted my confidence, as most of my runs do.  They help me believe in myself and trust that I am capable.

My ice bath on the other hand, was more painful than the run! I think I waited too long to get in and the ice had already melted and it took a long time for my body to adjust.  I need to remember to get in faster so my body adjust slowly as the temperature lowers.

I spent the next 6 hours on my feet, organizing my house with my sisters.  We got so much done, which was amazing.  And I will sleep good tonight!

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