So far, so good

Just a quick update on my “re-building base” phase of marathon training.

I woke early TWO days in a row to make sure I got to run.

Monday I ran about 3.6 miles and my average pace was under 10:00min. Mama likes this! I was reminded that it’s not until after 2 or 3 miles that I really find my groove and want to keep going. That is why training for a race agrees with me. I do love the longer distances. I wonder, after I finish training and run this race, if the marathon distance will be my new favorite, or if I will prefer the half.

Regardless, I can’t see myself racing more than one full a year, at least right now while my kids are young and not all in school yet.

Tuesday I ran with my sister (who recently moved back into town! yay!!) at an easier pace.  I always want to push myself, but it’s good to be forced to go slow.  I completed 3.25 miles at around an 11:25min pace.

Today, I’m resting.  I definitely COULD run.  In fact, I would enjoy it.  But Wednesdays are my long day and after waking early two mornings, I knew sleeping later would be good since I won’t be done for the day until after 8pm.

I want to do some speedwork tomorrow and an easy run on Friday and aiming for 7 on Saturday.

My training calendar officially starts on October 3rd!


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