The older I get, the faster I am

My title gives it away, but I PR’d in my race today! It was the first 10k I’ve run, so it’s an automatic PR, BUT I am confident that it’s the fastest 10k I’ve run ever and my fastest race pace.

So, here’s the run-down!

Like I mentioned before, this race took place 10 minutes from my house, at a location where I’ve run hundreds of miles the past several years. It’s where I ran my first full mile.

I woke up at 6am and my sister was going to arrive at my house at 6:40am. Since I sometimes get up at 5:30am to run, a 6am wake-up wasn’t hard at all. I got dressed, ate my oatmeal and banana and drank my coffee. Did some business (ha!) and was mostly ready when my sister showed. We gathered our stuff and headed out.

The race site said you needed your ID to pick your bib up and when we parked we realized my sister had forgotten hers at my house. We weren’t sure if she’d be able to pick her bib up and since it was a bit of a walk to the start, we decided to race back to get the ID instead of getting to the start to have to go back to the car.  Turns out they didn’t even ask us for ID’s–BOO!!!!

I was attaching her timing chip when the 10k started. According to the finish results there were almost 300 running the 10k so everyone crossed pretty quickly. But about 2 minutes after the start we crossed the timing pad too.  My sister was wearing my Garmin so she could do intervals and I was wearing my brother’s. We had a mix-up and she didn’t set the intervals ahead of time and I didn’t realize the 110 goes into powersave mode and has to locate a signal again when you push start.

It was drizzly and rainy right before the race so we decided to keep our long sleeve shirts on. But as soon as we started, we realized we wouldn’t really need them. As we headed through the parking lot I saw my buddy’s truck who was volunteering, so we threw our shirts into the back of his truck. Score!

A friend who was volunteering (and is an excellent photographer) snapped this as we were first starting. (this one is downloaded from Facebook, so not the greatest quality)

I’m in the purple and my sister is in the blue. About a hundred yards down we threw our long sleeves into the truck!

I felt good right away. I actually enjoyed running on such a familiar course. I settled in to a 9:30 pace from the get-go. I hadn’t intended to start off quite that fast, but I couldn’t really slow down enough and I remember seeing the first mile tick at 9:33.

The 110 just gives current pace which was helpful, but I did miss the lap pace of my 305. I think if you download info from the 110 you can see all your laps, but it doesn’t show on the watch history. I know that most of the miles I saw tick off were in the 9:30-9:40’s. I kept worrying a bit that I was going too fast too soon, but just kept going with it.

The turn around seemed to come so fast! After I hit mile 4 I had a bit of a slump and I saw my pace time increase a bit. I think it bought it back down, but that was probably my slowest mile. Even though you don’t really need nutrition for a 10k, if I had a GU on me, I probably would have taken it then for a bit of a kick.

Once I hit mile 5, I did my best to turn it on. My legs actually felt pretty decent, but my lungs were burning. I am pretty sure I ran a sub-9 min pace (I saw 8:51 a lot) for the last 1.2 miles. I wish I knew what the last .20 was because I was pushing SO hard. I may have even gotten to a sub-8 at the end.

This is a pretty rad picture my friend got of me right before the finish.



I actually kind of look like a runner! Pretty gnarly quad muscle there.  Goofy look on my face though. I was PUSHING hard. My goal is to feel like I want to puke when I cross the finish. Achieved today!

My finish time was 58:46, a 9:28 pace.  I had to wait until 5pm tonight to confirm my sub-60 finish. I crossed just after 1 hour, but I knew we started late and my Garmin was off since it didn’t start right away.

I am SO thrilled with my results. I must say, the Magic Mile results are pretty right on. It predicted a 9:29 pace and mine was 9:28! I really wanted a sub-60 10k and I wanted around a 9:30 pace.  I feel pretty good about how hard I pushed and how I performed. I’m learning more about my body and my paces and maybe I could have taken 5-10 seconds off my overall pace, but that will come with time and experience.

I know I’ve never run that distance at that fast of a pace before, so it’s a racing PR and an overall one for me too.

I love that I’m getting faster as I get older.

Oh and my sister did great too!! She stayed strong the whole time and finished with a faster pace overall than I think she thought she was capable of.

I was totally shocked to see that I was 9th in my age range today! Now granted, there were only 28 in the 30-34 category, but still, I was faster than 2/3 of them. And I’m going to be 35 in 3 weeks! What’s interesting is I would have been 12/26 if I was in the 35-39 category.

Next up, I want that 2 hour half marathon BAD. But that means I need to run twice as long at a pace that’s 20 seconds faster than today.  Maybe I need to find a coach.  My target marathon is in November, so I have time. I have lost about 8 pounds since my marathon (which is about what I gained while training) and I want to lose 8 more pounds. I know that will help some.

After today’s race, I’m even more motivate to lose those pounds and train and cross-train hard.  I can see with hard work and the right training, I can get faster and push myself to the performance my body is capable of.

I owe SO MUCH of today’s success to Train Like A Mother. I followed the 10k Own It training plan and it really made a difference. The workouts were varied so I didn’t get bored and they truly gave me the confidence I needed in myself and my abilities. I will definitely be following the Half Marathon Own It plan for November’s Race.

In the meantime, I’m flying high on today’s race. I enjoyed the 10k distance too. Long enough to feel like a race but short enough that I couldn’t believe it was already time to turn around. And exhilarating to run at a faster pace for a shorter distance than a half.

Not long after I started running I had this thought:

Next to God and my family, I’m pretty sure I love running most.

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